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Alex Seigfried – Online Marketing Specialist

Alex Seigfried

Professional Profile

Specializing in one-stop-shop online services, online marketing, websites, graphics for print/digital, unique content, and pure art. Alex has worked at every level of the industry from national corporate manufacturers, international non-profits, to local shops and private individuals. Adept at bringing people who know nothing about online marketing up to speed using simple explanations and examples.

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Online Marketing

Working With An Evolving Technology.

A lot has changed, since I started doing online marketing in 2001, however I've kept up with it over the years and my wealth of experience is a valuable asset. Online metrics, the rise of pay-per-click, the beginnings of mobile, monetizing social media, email platforms, I've seen them all come up and become the dominant way to market to everyone. I was there when Google first started Adwords and I'm still running campaigns to this very day. Over the years I've created simple, bullet-proof, ways for businesses and individuals to take advantage of the vast array of options available. My clients not only get the answers they need but also good advice on how to move forward. Technology is constantly changing in this industry, I'm an expert in listening to your needs to determine what is necessary and what is not.


The Best Fit for Your Needs.

Content Management Systems have come a long way, over the past half-decade, and I highly recommend clients start with one. I understand the nuts and bolts of websites and can explain to you exactly what everything is, what it does, and what you can expect over time. Need a new website? No problem. Have an existing site? No problem. Tell me what you need, and I'll give you advice on what you should be doing. I've worked with all the major site builders, several major CMS such as WordPress, Sitefinity, Joomla, and many custom-built systems. Even if you have a hand-built, hand-coded, website that's over twenty years old, I can get in there and make updates for you.


Beautiful, Functional, Practical.

Since 2010 I have produced, literally, thousands of promotional items, signs, banners, floor stands, unique graphics, and business-related print material. I've worked on projects that spanned 16 different locations across the continental US all the way down to business cards for local professionals. If you can print it, I've probably worked on it. My branding experience includes a complete overhaul of corporate branding guides for a publicly traded organization, an international non-profit, and a local venue. I believe that responsibility to the brand and maintaining consistency are absolutely key for any business to maintain a professional presence, in any industry. In the past I've been responsible for junior designers, development of concepts, and presentations around those creative assets. As an Art Director and a Senior Design Lead my experiences are invaluable if you are looking to move forward with any design project brought to the table.


Traditionally Trained, Modern Applications.

In 2000 I graduated from Temple University with a BFA in Fine Art. At the time, students attended Tyler School of Art which was a highly competitive institution that only accepted a limited number of pupils each year. My acceptance to Tyler laid a solid foundation in the traditional arts, including drawing, painting, illustrating, graphic design, sculpture, history, and theory. It's been my privilege to use these skills to create unique illustrations and artwork for books, magazines, presentations, and private commissions. So even though the majority of my day-to-day work is marketing, websites, and digital promotion, I bring four years of traditional artistic skills and education to each project.

Nightshade Leather

Custom Leathercraft Goods.

NEW!  Recently I've been working on Leathercraft and I'm proud to say that I'm now taking orders.  Check out the Portfolio to see some examples or go to Facebook or Etsy to see the shop items.  100% leather goods in a variety of thicknesses and dyes for any project.  Bags, armbands, bookmarks/thongs, earings, armor, or anything else you can dream up!  Send me an email and let's see if I can make your project a reality.

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