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Having a website is complicated, it's like opening a second location for your business. Rent, utilities, foot traffic, inventory, window displays, environmental, and seasonal changes... it's complicated. You don't have time to think about it on a full-time basis and that's where I can help.
*6 Month Contract

What You Need


Nuts & Bolts

Domains - A domain is the license plate of your website, it's the http:// (or https://) www.yourcompany.com. Every site needs one. You either already have this or you require me to find a good fit for your business. I use Godaddy as a primary provider but can work with any domain provider company.

Hosting - A host is the actual car of your website, it's the files that comprise everything you see online. If you have an existing website I can help you improve, update, or maintain it. If you need a new website I can also help you with that. I'm familiar with many popular CMS (content management systems) as well as hand coded HTML/CSS

The Website

WordPress - Websites can be constructed in many different ways with many different CMS. I construct new websites with WordPress, it's the most popular and most stable website builder on the market. Paired with Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting, you get a bullet proof foundation for your businesses online presence.

WordPress Themes - I provide themes from my professional license through ProteusThemes, which is a well established company that provides modern, stable, solutions. Each theme comes with an easy to use builder with options for many different types of businesses. I encourage you to check them out prior to calling me, they have fully functional demos.

Search Engines - The Basics

SEO & Schema Markup - After your website pages are created they need to be markedup with code friendly to search engines. Defining what each page is about with a title and description is important so that they are properly listed. Certain content such as videos, products, and events also need definition with search engine friendly markup.

Google Local and Webmaster Tools - Your website is up and running! Now we want to make sure Google knows about it and get some useful data on visitors. Submitting a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools (Console) will do that. Registering your business with Google Local will make sure your business is listed on Google Maps. It's also a great place to run ads, coupons, and provide a quick view into your business.

Marketing Your Business Online

Google Adwords - Running ads on search engines is the #1 way to get new leads and make sales online. I've been using Google Adwords right from the start as well as it's predecessors. Over 18 years of successful marketing strategy means I'll be making back your advertising costs within the first month. Let's discuss if Adwords is right for you.

Social Media - Every business has something to say and I provide a full campaign experience, from developing the initial idea, making the various content, and distributing it.

Email Campaigns - Start gathering an email list to keep your customers informed about new services, products, or announcements. Using MailChimp we can build your distribution list, categorize them, run surveys, specials, and newsletters. Clicks, opens, bounces, did not opens, are all tracked and provided to you per campaign.

What Do We Do Next and Why

Analytics - Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking visitors to your website, it integrates with all Google products including Google Adwords. Analytics reports from Adwords, Social Media PPC, Email, Surveys and any other third party service are combined into a simple, clear, monthly report.

Analysis & Next Steps - It's not enough to get a bunch of numbers without knowing what you're looking at. Analysis of what happened and advice on next steps is crucial to understanding if your money is being used to the greatest possible effect. I have over 18 years of online data analysis experience, identify trends, opportunities, potential pitfalls.

Content - Creating and Editing

Branding - Your business logo and colors should be established and prominent on all content you produce. I can help you maintain a consistent look across all online properties and marketing efforts.

Photo Editing - Full photo editing abilities are provided by me using Adobe Creative Suite. Website content, email, banners, ads, and more.

Unique Content - Limited video editing and creation, unique illustrations and graphics, cartooning, writing... tell me your needs and I'll make it happen.