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Alex Seigfried – Online Marketing Specialist

Traditional & Digital

A lifetime as an artist.

It all started in grade school, doodling tanks, superheroes, and anything put in front of me. I've been an artist from the start, it's a lifelong obsession that's turned into a career.

Types of Illustration but not Limited to:


Traditional Materials

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Pencils, pen, ink brush, paint, pastels, charcoal, and more. As a graduate of the Tyler School of Art program at Temple University, I have a strong foundation in all media. Years of professional experience has honed my craft so that I can mimic any style required for your project.

Digital and Digitization

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As technology has evolved so has my craft, creating beautiful, practical digital illustrations/paintings is as easy as a flick of the stylus. The advantages of pure digital work are many, including replication, distribution, and immediate translation to all digital media. I can also digitize existing 'traditional' work and manipulate it to suit your needs.

Books and Magazines

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You've written your great American novel, a children's book, or maybe you need to jazz up that local band magazine. I have experience working with publishers and print companies to get you artwork that will fit the template you need. Even if you have existing artwork and need to edit it to fit specifications, my skills can help you.

Diagrams and Mockups

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Bring your ideas to life with an illustration, a picture will explain a thousand words when you make your presentation. PowerPoint, product sheets, sales sheets, prototypes, patent drawings, I've got you covered. My experience working with National manufacturers has left me with a unique knowledge on how to present new concepts to executives.


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Need a little something to make your newsletter fun? Maybe you are looking for a visually interesting way to educate someone on a topic or product. Cartooning is one of my fundamental skills, I've been doing it since I was twelve and now that I'm in my forties can handle anything you throw my way.

Original Art - Commissions

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Do you have a portrait, landscape, or unique project your looking to have commissioned? Interested in non-representational art? Maybe you need something specific as a gift for someone. Tell me your idea and I'll see what I can do.